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  • We have instant access to many readily available apartments in Warsaw.

  • We have recommendations for our services from heads of numerous international and national companies.

  • Our wide client base enables us to find tenants for luxury apartments in prestigious Warsaw locations.

  • We provide services for many embassies and diplomatic agencies.

  • We provide practical help to our clients to ensure a problem free move to the new accommodation.

  • As an experienced and long-established company we can offer unique rental properties – houses and apartments – in the best parts of Warsaw.

  • We enjoy a challenge and always strive to deliver the highest standard of service.

  • Our agents belong to an ambitious and closely-knit team with a keen interest in the rental property market and the ability to find clients for luxury apartments and houses in Warsaw.

  • We are always looking for new investment properties and luxury apartments in Warsaw for our clients.

  • Thanks to our record many developers and property owners grant us exclusive representation rights to their luxury apartments.

  • We have an extensive list of clients who are continuously looking for luxury apartments and houses to rent in the best Warsaw locations.


Make use of the professional services provided by our experienced real estate agents

Apartaments in Warsow

Apartments for rent

We are specialists in apartment lettings. If you own an apartment in Warsaw we will find you a good tenant efficiently and quickly.

Luxury houses

Luxury Houses for rent

We offer a wide range of luxury houses for rent in various parts of Warsaw. In particular we recommend luxury villas in Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw.

Property Consulting

Property Consulting and Care

We will take professional photographs of your property and prepare quality marketing materials. We will give you a realistic estimate of the rental price to enable you to find a tenant as quickly as possible.


If you are a landlord with an available property in Warsaw please contact our office.

Our licensed Agent will arrange a professional photo session at your property and will produce relevant brochures for potential tenants.

We will advise on the best rental price and will create an individual marketing plan for the property. We shall also assist during the process of negotiations, draft a rental contract and see it through to completion.

Our Licensed Agents have an excellent track record in providing service to foreign embassies, international companies, governmental institutions and international relocation companies.

If you decide to choose our service we will do our best to free you from any unnecessary stress during the whole process of letting your property.

From our point of view clients’ satisfaction is the most important aspect of our work. We have access to properties which can satisfy even the most demanding tenants. We will carefully analyze your requirements and prepare an offer that will meet these needs. We are able to offer a range of good properties in in and around Warsaw.

We provide service to foreign embassies, international companies, governmental institutions and international relocation companies. You will find on our books many apartments and houses built to the highest standard. If you are planning to move to Warsaw in the future please contact our office now and we will prepare a comprehensive report on the local rental market.

We shall also send you details of any properties suitable for your needs and your budget..


We are passionate about real estate.

Team member

Grzegorz Parcheniak

Rental Department - Apartments

Grzegorz is a specialist in apartment rentals in the Warsaw area.

Email:Napisz do nas
Phone:+48 888 169 572

Lic. NO. 19652

Team member

Dominik Bartczak

Rental Department - Residences

Dominik specializes in the luxury end of the property rental market. He deals in high quality residences located in Warsaw and Konstancin.

Email:Napisz do nas
Phone: +48 602 300 709

Lic. NO. 8149

Team member

Dominik Wójcik

Rental Department - Apartments

Dominic is a specialist in apartment rentals in the Warsaw area.

Phone: +48 531 690 590

Team member

Łukasz Hetman

Rental Department - Apartments

Łukasz is a specialist in apartment rentals in the Warsaw area.

Phone: +48 535 817 617

Team member

Alina Badora

House Staging Department

Alina is home staging specialist She can transform any house or apartment into a glamorous, desirable residence.

Phone: +48 691 665 621

Marek Maciuk

Rental Department - Apartments

Marek is a specialist in apartment rentals in the Warsaw area.

Telefon: +48 537 807 900

You can contact us at our office in Warsaw at Radna 1/7 str., fl. 12

Or email us at: napisz do nas
Or Call us on
mob. +48 733-592-900
tel. +48 (22)303-16-23

We invite you to view some of our rental apartments and houses in Warsaw at the following link:

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